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About Us

About Big Tree Distillery gin, the people, the process, the distillery and the bottles

Our Story

Big Tree Distillery is the result of a gin-loving husband and wife team who love good gin so much they decided to make their own. Introducing Catherine and Gary, who are devoted to bringing you a truly home-grown and delicious award winning gin.

Big Tree Gin is distilled in the Macedon Ranges region of Victoria, on Jack’s Springs Farm producing a range of farm crafted small batch Australian gins. 

The Gin

Our gins are created with the finest ingredients, using botanicals grown on our farm, foraged from our local neighbours or, where something more obscure is required, sourced by our gin-loving botanist. Combined with fresh rain water collected from the roof of the distillery in our copper still to produce something that is so special to us and we hope to you also.

The Distillery

Meet Beryl, the Copper Still

Beryl is an all Australian one of a kind still, designed by Knapp Lewer in Hobart Tasmania. The shape of the still is uniquely designed to achieve the right amount of internal reflux which helps achieve the gins flavour. Beryl has a big 300 litre belly allowing us to steep the botanicals overnight along with the farms rain water and the neutral grain spirit. 

Beryl's copper construction not only looks beautiful set in our distillery but also plays an essential role in the making of our gin. While stills can come in stainless steel, aluminium, and a range of other materials, copper reacts with the molecules in the distillation process and helps to produce a naturally clean and smooth spirit. Stripping out volatile compounds and removing any unwanted flavours and aromas from the final product all while being a wonderful heat conductor making for an efficient distillation process. Safe to say, we love copper!

The Bottles

Our beautiful bottles are designed to be kept long after the gin is gone, with artwork painted by local artist Sarah Gabriel and Melbourne botanical artist David Reynolds with limited editions of each piece in the series.

The Botanicals

A selection of botanicals we love and use in our gins

Cassia Bark - Cinnamomum cassia

Is an evergreen tree from southern China, but now cultivated in many parts of Asia.One of several species of Cinnamomum used for their aromatic bark,

Juniper Berries - Juniperis communis

The common juniper, is a actually a conifer and the berries are a cone. It grows throughout the cool temperate Northern Hemisphere from the Arctic south in mountains to around 30°N latitude in North America,

Southern Sassafras

Southern Sassafras gives a hint of Australia in the robust and full flavoured Claude Navy Strength Gin.

Sloe Berries

Prunus spinosa, called blackthorn or sloe.Picked just after the first frost.

Cardamom Seeds

Commonly known as green or true cardamom, is a herbaceous, perennial plant in the ginger family, native to southern India. Cardamom has a strong, unique taste, with an intensely aromatic, resinous fragrance.

Star Anise

Star anise grows as dark brown pods with eight segments, each containing a pea-sized seed. This spice hails from an evergreen tree plant that is native to southern China and northeast Vietnam.